Analysis of the
Media's Use of Techniques in Public Persuasion

A Media Awareness Project

Graphic Novel


Tom, a young man, discovers a mysterious journal left behind by his father that informs him that the world he thought he knew is not at all as it seems. He is told to share the truth by any means necessary.  Unfortunately, Tom is not aware of the dangers behind the truth of THE CORPORATION that his father once worked for.  Through reading the journal, Tom learns about history, the disturbing persuasive methods behind THE CORPORATION, and how his very own father's mysterious death is involved.  By attempting to share the journal with the world, Tom will learn the true meaning of sacrifice and betrayal.  Will Tom share the truth in time and alter history forever?  Is freedom worth the sacrifice?  Will a true democracy prevail or is THE CORPORATION far too embedded into the minds of the people to change the present or future?  Who is ready to hear the truth?

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