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Posted by Roar of the Bewildered Herd on February 3, 2011 at 12:27 AM

It seems all too familiar. A country rich with natural resources, strategic military location, enormous economic potential, all controlled by a ruthless dictator, who shares its nation's wealth with only a few chosen individuals and who for decades has been supported by the Untied States, awakens one morning to say, "Enough is enough." "No longer will we allow things to continue how they have."  The human rights issues that have been ignored year after year by countries benefiting from their resources can no longer go on. Democracy, true Democracy, takes a stand. Those without, oppose those with. Those that have been kept in line with a bludgeon stand up and fight back. The people gather together and unite to speak their minds and decide to make a change. They’re not asking for change ... they're demanding change. They're exemplifying what a true democratic society is capable of.


The response to this roar of the bewildered herd is the same as usual. The powers that be, stand ground. The supporting nations keep a close eye to see if the ones in power can control the situation. If the democracy can be controlled, then it's business as usual. If not, the process of distancing themselves from this horrible regime begins.


A few years ago, President Barrack Obama said that the president of Egypt is a good man and is in support of him and his cabinet. Now that the people are taking back their land, their rights, and their power, he will soon begin to brand the president of Egypt as villainous. After this, a democratic vote will take place and their constitution will be changed to include a more equal distribution of the nation's wealth. This will in turn effect the income of the few mega wealthy families that have been pinching its people for all they're worth. These families have great wealth and can afford to help fight off the democratic movement. The two sides will clash as they have before, Venezuela being a good example, allowing the military to engage to keep control and peace. The military, however, will take sides with those who pay their check. A Mohawk Valley formula is put into place. Minds must now be persuaded to think that uprising and fighting for your individual human rights is wrong. The super powers will stand by and hope for a victory by the military and by the current administration.


This, however, will most likely no longer be the outcome for these types of repeating situations. A new elected president will come into power, one that will choose not to allow big companies to exploit their lands and forget about their people. This leader will be made out to be a villain, a socialist, a terrorist and a dictator. Countries that once benefited greatly from this land will no longer be welcomed as they once were. So a military offense will be created to take back the land through force. So the process of putting another leader in charge that will grant us favors begins.... again. This has been the way things have gone for decades.

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Reply Mr.President
9:30 PM on February 8, 2011 
This is interesting because I just heard a civil rights activists talk about Egypt at school today. He said what is going on in Egypt is exactly what MLK was talking about with peaceful civil disobedience. Despite the people peacefully demostrating, still standing their ground, demonstrators have been shot by snipers, run over, set on fire and they are still fighting for a change without resorting to violence. Mubarak said he will assign a vice president for the first time in 30 years but the guy he would be assigning, Omar Suleiman, is probably worse than him because he is known to be a world reknown torturer. I heard the speaker today say that everybody in the world knows that the US is an imperial empire except for actual Americans. He said we don't know this because we are so preoccupied with our lives due to our standard of living we are not aware of anything else that is not relative to us. I wonder if this is such a bad thing because so many people come to America to achieve this standard of living which is considered the American dream but at the same time what is the cost to live this way? I like to think I'm better than this but I feel that I'm only a keyboard activist. Do you guys think that the lack of awareness by Americans is a condition or effect caused by media manipulation?
Reply Roar of the Bewildered Herd
4:15 PM on February 14, 2011 
Let me first thank you for leaving a comment and showing interest in what we feel is the most important issue of the day, The Truth. Second, let me say that even if you?re just a keyboard activist, you?re asking questions, which is the most important thing any independent thinker can do. Before answering your question, let us touch a bit on what media manipulation is.

Most people think of media as Newspapers, Radio, Television and now the Internet; but we, the Bewildered Herd if you will, look at media as the primary tool used by Corporations to persuade the population into purchasing more of the product they offer. Corporations then use Corporate Propaganda to divert the people?s attention away from the issues of the day to these different sources of the media. If you ask someone to explain 'content and fill' in TV, RADIO or NEWSPAPER, most people think that the content, say on television, is the show they?re watching. Whether it be Friends, Law & Order, The Real World, CNN, Monday Night Football or The O?Reilly Factor, most believe this is the content on television and the annoying nine minutes of commercials in between the twenty-one minutes of the show is the 'fill'. This is not accurate. It is the commercials that are the 'content' on TV and it?s the program that gets the audience in the chairs that is called the 'fill'. Think about that for 1 minute. The commercials are the 'content' on every single channel and it?s the programs, which we all love and admire that are used as the 'fill' to create an audience to sell to the many corporations selling product.

Douglas Rushkoff wrote that Westinghouse and Dupont didn?t invent the television so people can enjoy the humor of Lucille Ball across America. They set out to create something that could bring their line of products to the masses in a more effective way. If someone is listening to Eminem on the radio, a certain kind of audience is being sold certain goods. If a sports fan is listening to ESPN, they too are a certain kind of audience being brought to a corporation to sell them certain products. So with an understanding of what the media is now, we can get back to your question about Americans' lack of awareness being a condition or effect caused by media manipulation. The answer is both.

A corporation creates a technology, such as the Internet, which encompasses all media sources (print, radio and television). They do this to obtain information about its audience through social media sites to sell them specific, mostly unnecessary products. The corporation then uses an older technology, computers, to gather the information on. They then use satellites to transmit signals from computer to computer. The corporation uses the technology from the space program to get the satellites into space. The use of technology to accomplish this dates further back. This is all for the created purpose of selling a product to an audience. Now, the effect from this on-going corporate agenda, creating each new technology to further their sales of product, is detrimental on the society in question. If this was the Agenda created from the beginning, then was there ever a Democratic society put in place? Are the masses truly unaware or are the masses living out their true purpose? Did Democracy ever exist or was the Capitalistic approach masked and sold to the masses as Democracy? Did Socialism and Communism and every other 'ism' open the eyes of the Bewildered Herd into fighting for what they were told was Democracy? Is Democracy, in its true sense of the word, the real enemy of Corporate Power? Does the Bewildered Herd stand a chance in fighting for what they believe is Democracy or has Corporate Propaganda done its job in persuading the public into believing they live in a Democratic Society?

If a miner is shown proof that the Corporation he or she works for has no interest in the welfare of his or her family and that profit is the sole interest, should he or she fight back against the Corporation? Why does Corporate Power use Corporate Propaganda to protect itself from Unions? Why are Unions considered the culprits in business journals around the globe to this very day? Are Unions Democratic? Is this an example of Democracy being a threat to Corporate Power? Is the Mohawk Valley Formula (union busting strategy) an example of Corporate Propaganda being used by Corporate Power to protect itself from Democracy? These are the real questions to consider.