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Roar of the Bewildered Herd is created, produced, and directed by a very unique core of team members that volunteer their time, dedication, and expertise to the project?s mission and development.  Their similar passions, interests, and goals have unified them in an effort to enlighten audiences with reliable research and interesting viewpoints that serve to ultimately contribute positively to the global community by offering a platform for political debate.

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Vincent Anton Obriskie is the founder and CEO of VAO Media Productions Inc., a multimedia production company located in South Florida.  He has worked in the film industry for over 21 years, directing, writing, producing and editing more than 100 film projects including commercials, industrial videos, corporate and marketing projects and community events. Versatile and experienced in the business of filmmaking, Vincent brings indispensable knowledge of directing, editing and cinematography to the production team. Vincent?s portfolio of work includes many significant and visionary projects, including two documentaries while attending college which were added to the curriculum ? one regarding Auschwitz and one on Bantu Stephen Biko. He has been featured in City Link magazine, The Independent, The New Times and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel for his community and filmmaking projects. In addition to his lucrative commercial work, Vincent has produced a series of well regarded short films including Subplot, The Unknown, and Suspicion. He has worked on projects in Bologna, Italy at Kamel Film, a production company specializing in feature films, shorts, commercials, multimedia presentations, promotion and training videos. Most recently, his short films Kisses and Stunning  were accepted at several notable film festivals around the World.


Melissa Montalvo is a Board Member and co-founder of Global Resource Cycle (GRC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to allocating resources within the community as well as providing Community Educational Programs set forth by its mission to enhance public awareness on the importance of managing our limited resources.  Global Resource Cycle is one of the project?s co-sponsors in an effort to offer the community an educational outlet for the importance of Media Awareness and its impact on all industries. Melissa is a graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering. Her experience as an organizational leader and effective communicator is supported by her skills attained in the work force as an educator in the Broward County Public School System. Melissa currently leads GRC?s Green Business Development Initiative, assisting new business owners with solutions for maximizing their current resources, and engages in various community projects that focus on both human health and the health of the environment, including the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Fair for Life. She is also a representative for the State of Florida?s A+ Program that offers free supplemental educational services to low income families.  Melissa is one of the team?s producers and researchers, contributing much of her academic knowledge and organizational skills to the project?s goals and direction.  


Dominic is a filmmaker whose previous films were official selections at the Ozark Foothills Film Festival, New York New Filmmakers, Indie Memphis, and the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival to name just a few. Dominic has been featured in South Florida Magazine, Movie Maker magazine, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, XS Magazine, New Times, and Film Threat. 



Karym is a Florida International University Alumna with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management. She is co-founder and Director of Business Services for Global Resource Cycle (GRC). Karym?s experience includes Program and Events Coordinator for two entities simultaneously at Florida International University ? The Institute for Technology Innovation at the Pino Entrepreneurship Center and the Department of Biomedical Engineering, where she has helped to establish multiple programs, workshops, and lectures. As a business manager for related companies during her professional experience prior to joining GRC, she was responsible for establishing protocols for the operations of respective businesses enhancing their economic efficiency and effectiveness, which are still in use today. Her passion for positive education and training, and motivational leadership skills offers the project a unique sense of direction. Karym dedicates herself to her team at GRC, her business clients within the community, and the production team?s overall effort in attaining its mission and goals.


Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Leins Rios aka Nome, has immersed himself within all genres of music from the True School era of HIPHOP (1990?s) to the electronic bass culture of UK born Dubstep.  Nome contributes his deep knowledge of production to the team's film score as well as promotional footage, and directs the project's soundtrack production as Music Supervisor.  He has been a member of several projects within the music industry where he has contributed his talent for the completion of both live and recorded productions.  Nome is highly involved with the Miami Electronic Bass community not only as a producer but as a live performer. He Co-owns TRIFEKTA studios where he provides a music production, mixing and mastering facility for many local artists.  His passion for social change and community involvement drives the team's effort to engage local artists who deliver messages of independent thought, critical truth, and autonomy.


Andres is the Head of Inquiry Development at Barry University?s Division of Enrollment Management. He is on Global Resource Cycle?s Advisory Board and assists the management team in strategy development and execution, information management, service development, and marketing communications including advertising and promotions. His leadership and creativity has led to acquiring the largest incoming freshman class in the history of Barry University. With the support of his team, Andres was given the freedom and responsibility to market Barry University to a diverse student body, including traditional and non-traditional students from a variety of geographic, ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. He brings to the production team a set of organizational proficiency and management background that lends the project resources and in-kind support gained through his strong communication skills and extensive knowledge of community service management.


Johanna started her journey in television production in 2002 at MTV NETWORKS in New York City as a production intern.  She began her career as a Production Assistant on the set of the Movie Awards. Johanna Salazar has worked with the Production Management Departments of several channels within the VIACOM Family. After coordinating and overseeing over 100 shows in a period of over six years and launching the production department for MTV Tr3s, Johanna decided it was time to move on to pursue higher and more personal goals and started her own company called ACENETH, LLC, in Miami, Florida. The company?s mission is to produce ground breaking, empowering films and documentaries geared toward educating the public on important topics for the benefit of the global community. Johanna is a self-proclaimed Social Entrepreneur with the mission of improving and contributing to the education system here in the United States through her work in film and documentaries. Her passion, determination and professional experience as a Line Producer and Production Manager has been her driving force propelling her to voice a message of hope, knowledge, and independent critical thinking.

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