Analysis of the
Media's Use of Techniques in Public Persuasion

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Roar of the Bewildered Herd is a project by a small group of dedicated researchers and proponents of an open and accessible media system in the United States.  It is a critical analysis of the history of public relations, formerly known as propaganda, and most currently its effects on society through Corporate Media.  The project incorporates the mediums of film, music, Internet radio in the form of podcasts, and literature (including an essay and graphic novel).  The cornerstone of the project is a documentary film that analyzes and explores the effects of propaganda, leading to the more specific and relevant topic of Corporate Propaganda, and its impact on democracy. 

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Everyone knows by now that Information is POWER.  Being able to control the information that a population receives directly impacts the role of its industries, its government, its economy, and the innovation needed to prevent being controlled to begin with.  Take a minute to learn about the history and effects of Public Relations and the role of Government in regulating the industry by visiting our helpful Resources and Articles links.  


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